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"The Sun is Down..." CD

Image of "The Sun is Down..."  CD


It’s Alive Records / Razorcake Records / Hardware Records / Sabotage Records / Scared to Death Records


1. Attic
2. Sacraments
3. Accomplice
4. Driven
5. Dreamers
6. Remedy
7. Rapture
8. Serpentine
9. Beacons
10. Termites

CD-only bonus tracks (from s/t EP):

11. Dreamers
12. Becky
13. Gifts
14. Beacons

Recorded and Mixed in Winter 2011 by Paul “Yogi” Granger
at The Meatlocker
Mastered by Dave Williams
at Rock Among Us
Layout by Dave Williams

CD comes in 'replica' LP gatefold jacket